Special offers are valid only when booking on the hotel’s website.

  1. Checking-in for 7 days, we provide free breakfast, sauna (2 hours).
  2. We also provide every the 11th day free.
  3. Booking our hotel for 10 days:

    — We provide the first night, fruit basket, champagne, breakfast in bed, lunch in the cafe free for newly married couples.

  4. For lovers:

    — From 8:00 to 16:00 any room for 1000 rubles

    — from 22:00 to 8:00 any room for 1500 rubles

    — 50% discount in Saint Valentine’s Day

  5. From 14:00 Friday to 12:00 Monday, we provide “weekend rate”. Customer pays — 1200 rubles for any room.
  6. Employees of travel companies, that have contractual relations with the hotel, have 40% discount for accommodation.
  7. When staying more than 10 days, two coffee breaks (coffee, tea, drinks) are provided free.
  8. When ordering a birthday testimonial dinner in the hotel’s café, a birthday person has champagne, fruit basket, drinks, cake, sauna (2 hours).
  9. Staying more than 7 days, we present one ticket for any nearby museum or one ticket for visiting local attractions for families, consisting of 5 members.
  10. We also present the joint preparation of courses and dessert under the guidance of a chef.
  11. We offer 75% discount for 75 years old guests, 100-years old guests stay free of charge.

Offers are valid to the extent technically practicable. The offer does not constitute а public offer.

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